Welcome to 2020 AP Test Review

We will be doing an online review due to the Corona Virus issue.  The AP test will be online this year.  ALL FRQ type questions and no multiple choice.  It is a open note test and timed (45 minutes)  The review packet I am assigning you will be perfect for the test. Complete it with great info to be used on the test. 


AP CollegeBoard AP Exams Walkthrough Video

Make sure you watch this to get an understand of the test for this year.

AP CollegeBoard

How to prep for the test

advice on taking 2020 exam


AP Gov Review

Democracy, Government Power and Individual rights Review

AP Gov Review

Principles of Government

Structure and Checks and Balances

AP Gov Review

Relationships with States and Federal Power

AP Gov Review


AP Gov Review

Structures, Powers, and Functions of Congress

AP Gov Review

Congressional Behavior

AP Gov Review

Checks on Presidency

AP Gov Review

Expansion of Presidential Power

AP Gov Review

Judicial Branch

AP Gov Review

Judicial Branch in action

AP Gov Review


Discretionary and Rule Making Authority

AP Gov Review



Holding the Bureaucracy Accountable

Info for Online

Additional Information

SENIORS    SURVEY  (take this ASAP for district)

Senior Checkout INFO aded beloew in assignments.  READ IT

AP Test Info

You should have got a code from Collegeboard by the end of the day on 5/9/2020.  If you did not log into your Collegeboard account and look to see what Email your code went to.  You need the code to take the test.

You can also be proactive and make sure your Email on CB is the one you are using now.

Link for Knight High AP Google Classroom.  Join for info on testing.  Code  abznw7m 

Two videos worth your time to get ready for the test.

Video explaining the test for 2020

Video on the Argumenative essay from Mr LaManna

Mrs. Shigley (another AP Gov teacher) created one pagers to have with you during the test.   Link is here.

May 11th at 1pm is the testing time Online.  You will be able to do this

through your AP Collegeboard account.  

Students will have 25 minutes to read and respond to Question 1, and then 5 minutes to upload their response. After uploading the response to Question 1, students will have 15 minutes to respond to Question 2, with 5 additional minutes to upload their response to Question 2. Once their response to Question 1 has been submitted, they cannot go back to it. 

2 FRQ's is the whole test.   Question 1 (60%) will be an argumenative essay.  Question 2 (40%) will be a content application question.  (watch videos to explain the way these questions are asked and graded)


I will be online for office hours as follows:

Tuesday:  10am to noon

Friday:  8am to 10am    I will place links here each time.

To join the video meeting, click this link:   


Phone Numbers(‪US‬)‪+1 475-329-7311‬PIN: ‪750 766 597#‬ 

Make sure you turn in the work assigned and communicate with me in some manner if there are any issues.  Email  Text: 661-209-4416.   I am here to help the best I can within the restrictions we have.  Good luck everyone and get the job done.   There are no excuses as everyone is in the same situation.  Study, do the packet and prepare yourself for the test.  Talk to you guys soon.

If you completed any work from Unit 4, you can still turn that in and I will use that as extra credit or to add some credit to a zero that you may have.

This will be accepted until the end of April.  

I also know the workload is over the 2 hours this week but we need to get things in before the test.  I will lighten the load after the test and make it up to you.  



FRQ Information Videos from Jen Hitchcock

The Quantitative Analysis FRQ


From Jen Hitchcock

Content Application FRQ

From Jen Hitchcock

Arguementation FRQ

From Jen Hitchcock

Review Videos

Foundations of Democracy

Foundations of Democracy

Foundations of Democracy


Short Review of Foundations of Democracy by MyCitizenU

Crash Course Videos Link

Foundations of Democracy

Foundations of Democracy


Watch Crash Course Videos and Answer Questions (Link is above under assignments)