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Review Videos for Unit One

Introduction: Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics

Constitutional Compromises


Separation of Powers and Checks and balances

Supremacy Clause

Full Faith & Credit

Review Videos for Unit Two (Crash Course Questions)

Congressional Committees

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Bicameral Congress

Congressional Elections

Congressional Decisions

Congressional Leadership

Congressional Delegation

How Presidents Govern

Structure of the Court System

Pocket Veto

Legal System Basics

Judicial Review

Supreme Court of the United States Procedures

Judicial Decisions

Bureaucracy Basics

Types of Bureaucracies

Controlling Bureaucracies


Video Unit Three Review

Sex Discrimination

Civil Rights & Liberties

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of the Press

Search and Seizure

Unit Three Videos Continued

Due Process

Equal Protection


Affirmative Action

Unit Four Video Review

Social Policy

Foreign policy

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Government Regulation

Market Economy

Video's Unit Five Review

Congressional Elections

Election Basics

How Voters Decide

Political Campaigns

Party Systems

Political Parties

Video's Unit Five Review Continued

Media Institution

Media Regulation

Year End Review Documents

Edwards Year long Text Review (docx)


Crash Course Review Questions (pdf)


FRQ Supreme -Court Comparisons Student Questions (docx)